Pattern Recognition

Volume 5748 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 282-291

Fast Multiscale Operator Development for Hexagonal Images

  • Bryan GardinerAffiliated withUniversity of Ulster
  • , Sonya ColemanAffiliated withUniversity of Ulster
  • , Bryan ScotneyAffiliated withUniversity of Ulster

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For many years the concept of using hexagonal pixels for image capture has been investigated, and several advantages of such an approach have been highlighted. Recently there has been a renewed interested in using hexagonal pixel based images for various image processing tasks. Therefore, we present a design procedure for scalable hexagonal gradient operators, developed within the finite element framework, for use on hexagonal pixel based images. We highlight the efficiency of our approach, based on computing just one small neighbourhood operator and generating larger scale operators via linear additions of the small operator. We also demonstrate that scaled salient feature maps can be generated from one low level feature map without the need for application of larger operators.