Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2009

Volume 5726 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 835-838

NFC-Based Mobile Interactions with Direct-View Displays

  • Khoovirajsingh SeewoonauthAffiliated withComputing Department, Lancaster University
  • , Enrico RukzioAffiliated withComputing Department, Lancaster University
  • , Robert HardyAffiliated withComputing Department, Lancaster University
  • , Paul HolleisAffiliated withDoCoMo Euro-Labs


Two NFC-based interactions are described in the paper. The first interaction technique is referred to as Touch & Connect: a process by which an NFC tag is used to rapidly pair a mobile device with a computer. The second interaction technique is referred to as Touch & Select, and considerably extends the Touch & Connect concept by allowing the use of an NFC-enabled mobile phone to directly touch at, and select, an object on the computer screen. We achieve this by attaching a grid of NFC tags to the back of the screen. A picture browsing application has been developed in order to compare Touch & Connect and Touch & Select with the currently available Bluetooth-based approach. Our most salient findings show a considerable task time decrease for Touch-and-Connect (31%) and Touch-and-Select (43%) over the standard Bluetooth approach for picture browsing tasks.