On Approximation Algorithms for Interference-Aware Broadcast Scheduling in 2D and 3D Wireless Sensor Networks

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Broadcast scheduling is a mechanism for performing interference-aware broadcasting in multi-hop wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Existing studies assume all the WSN nodes lie on a 2D plane. This assumption is not always appropriate, as in practice the sensor nodes may acquire positions in the 3D space. In this paper, we study the broadcast scheduling problem in which we consider two different models of the transmission graph: Disk Graph (DG) in 2D and Ball Graph (BG) in 3D. We consider each node may have different transmission ranges and the interference range is α time of the transmission range (where α> 1). We devise efficient coloring methods for coloring a hexagonal tiling in 2D and truncated octahedragonal tiling in 3D, which leads to O(1)-approximation ratio for broadcast scheduling problem in 2D and 3D, respectively.