Virtual and Mixed Reality

Volume 5622 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 355-364

Characterizing the Space by Thermal Feedback through a Wearable Device

  • Takuji NarumiAffiliated withThe University of TokyoJapan Society for the Promotion of Science
  • , Akagawa TomohiroAffiliated withTokyo University of the Arts
  • , Young Ah SeongAffiliated withThe University of Tokyo
  • , Michitaka HiroseAffiliated withThe University of Tokyo

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Thermal sensation is a kind of a haptic sensation and is very familiar feeling. However it is difficult to realize a thermal display which gives realistic thermal feedback because thermal characteristic has a larger ambiguity and is late-response. Alternatively, thermal feedback could be used as a new channel for the transmission of imaginary characteristics. We are aiming to add characteristics to the existing space by providing people with location-dependent thermal information. By manipulating thermal information presented to people, we can change implicit partitioning of the space without physically reconstructing it. ”Thermotaxis” is a system that gives sensations of cool and warm to users by controlling thermoelectric devices wirelessly. In this system, the space is characterized as being cool or warm. Users experience the difference in temperatures while they walk in the space. Preliminary analysis shows that people stay close in the area of a comfortable temperature.


Ambient Controlling Characterizing the Space Thermal Sensation Thermal Feedback Wearable Computing