A Scalable Provisioning and Routing Scheme for Multimedia QoS over Ad Hoc Networks

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Multimedia applications have been the key driving force in converging fixed, mobile and IP networks. Supporting Multimedia is a challenging task for wireless ad hoc network designers. Multimedia forms high data rate traffic with stringent QoS requirements. Wireless ad hoc networks are characterized by frequent topology changes, unreliable wireless channel, network congestion and resource contention. Providing scalable QoS is believed to be the most important challenge for multimedia delivery over ad hoc networks. In this paper, we introduce a provisioning and routing scheme for ad hoc networks which scales well while provisioning QoS. The proposed scheme is analysed using a mix of HTTP, voice and video streaming applications over 54Mbps 802.11g-based ad hoc networks. The scheme is simulated and compared to well-known routing protocols using the OPNET Modeller. The results show that our scheme scales well with increase in the network size, and outperforms well-known routing protocols.