Scientific and Statistical Database Management

Volume 5566 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 339-360

Comprehensive Optimization of Declarative Sensor Network Queries

  • Ixent GalpinAffiliated withUniversity of Manchester
  • , Christian Y. A. BrenninkmeijerAffiliated withUniversity of Manchester
  • , Farhana JabeenAffiliated withUniversity of Manchester
  • , Alvaro A. A. FernandesAffiliated withUniversity of Manchester
  • , Norman W. PatonAffiliated withUniversity of Manchester

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We present a sensor network query processing architecture that covers all the query optimization phases that are required to map a declarative query to executable code. The architecture is founded on the view that a sensor network truly is a distributed computing infrastructure, albeit a very constrained one. As such, we address the problem of how to develop a comprehensive optimizer for an expressive declarative continuous query language over acquisitional streams as one of finding extensions to classical distributed query processing techniques that contend with the peculiarities of sensor networks as an environment for distributed computing.