Combustion Noise

pp 33-62


Measurement and Simulation of Combustion Noise emitted from Swirl Burners

  • C. BenderAffiliated withDivision of Combustion Technology, University of Karlsruhe Email author 
  • , F. Zhang
  • , P. Habisreuther
  • , H. Büchner
  • , H. Bockhorn

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A major uncertaincy, when designing combustors is the influence of geometrical patterns of the design on the combustion noise generated. In order to determine the mechanisms and processes that influence the noise generation of flames with underlying swirling flows, a new burner has been designed, that offers the possibility to vary geometrical parameters. Experimental data (flow field, noise emission) have been determined for this burner. In addition, Large Eddy Simulations (LES) have been performed to study the isothermal and reacting flow of the burner. The results of the measurements show a distinct rise of the sound pressure level, obtained by changing the test setup from the isothermal to the flame configuration as well as by varying geometrical parameters, which is also resembled by the LES simulation results. A physical model has been developed from experiments and verified by the LES simulation, that explains the formation of coherent flow structures and allows to separate their contribution to the overall noise emission from ordinary turbulent noise sources. The computed isothermal and reacting flow fields have been discussed through flow visualization; the computed acoustic pressure has been compared with the experiment and it showed good agreement.