Web Mining for Malaysia’s Political Social Networks Using Artificial Immune System

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Currently, politic is one of the critical and hot issues in Malaysia. There are many aspects that are related with politics. These politic aspects are mainly about spreading rumors and information through cyberspace that created positive and negative effects to the political situations in Malaysia. There are many branches of cyberspace that can be used by the Internet users to channel their opinions such as websites, forums and blogs which contain the political issues in Malaysia. In this paper, we have analyzed an adaptive model of web mining using Artificial Immune System (AIS) to retrieve the list of URLs that have relevant information on political issues in Malaysia. In addition, we have also used a concept of social network analysis in order to understand the relationships among the websites and web pages related to the political issues in Malaysia. The results from this model have been used to analyze the social networks and the impact of online community which contribute to the outcome of Malaysia’s 12th general election.