Principles of Distributed Systems

Volume 5401 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 295-310

CQS-Pair: Cyclic Quorum System Pair for Wakeup Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Shouwen LaiAffiliated withECE Department, Virginia Tech
  • , Bo ZhangAffiliated withECE Department, Virginia Tech
  • , Binoy RavindranAffiliated withECE Department, Virginia Tech
  • , Hyeonjoong ChoAffiliated withETRI, RFID/USN Research Group, Yuseong-gu

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Due to the heterogenous power-saving requirement in wireless sensor networks, we propose the Cyclic Quorum System Pair (CQS-Pair) which can guarantee that two asynchronous nodes adopt different cyclic quorum systems can hear each other at least once in bounded time intervals. To quickly assemble a CQS-Pair, we present a fast construction scheme, which is based on the Multiplier Theorem and the \((N,k,M,\emph{l})\)-difference pair defined by us. We show that via the CQS-Pair, two heterogenous nodes can achieve different power saving ratios while maintaining connectivity. The performance of a CQS-Pair is analyzed in terms of average delay and quorum ratio.