Evaluation of a Cooperative ARQ Protocol for Delay-Tolerant Vehicular Networks

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This paper evaluates a Cooperative ARQ protocol to be used in delay-tolerant vehicular networks. The scenario consists in cars downloading information from Access Points along a road. The key difference between proposed Cooperative ARQ protocols is when the cooperation takes place. Simply C-ARQ cooperation occurs in a packet-by-packet basis. In this proposal, that we call DC-ARQ (Delayed Cooperative ARQ), the cooperation is delayed until cars are out of the coverage area of the Access Point. The scheme has been evaluated through simulations. A comparison of DC-ARQ with a baseline case in which no cooperation is used has been performed under different vehicle densities scenarios.

This work has been supported by Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology under grant TSI2007-66869-C02-01 and by the NoE EuroFGI of the VI FP of the UE under VNET-3 project.