Balancing Agility and Formalism in Software Engineering

Volume 5082 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 55-68

Automatic Transactions Identification in Use Cases

  • Mirosław OchodekAffiliated withInstitute of Computing Science, Poznań University of Technology
  • , Jerzy NawrockiAffiliated withInstitute of Computing Science, Poznań University of Technology


Since the early 90’s of the previous century, use cases have became informal industry standard for presenting functional requirements. The rapid popularity growth stimulated many different approaches for their presentation and writing styles. Unfortunately, this variability makes automatic processing of use cases very difficult. This problem might be mitigated by the use of transaction concept, which is defined as an atomic part of the use case scenario. In this paper we present approach to the automatic transaction discovery in the textual use cases, through the NLP analysis. The proposed solution was implemented as a prototype tool UCTD and preliminarily verified in a case study.


Use cases Use-cases transactions Use Case Points Requirements engineering Effort estimation Natural language processing