Soft Methods for Handling Variability and Imprecision

Volume 48 of the series Advances in Soft Computing pp 369-375

Application of Non-convex Fuzzy Variables to Fuzzy Structural Analysis

  • Uwe ReuterAffiliated withDepartment of Civil Engineering, Technische Universität Dresden

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Data situation in engineering is usually characterized by uncertainty. Fuzzy set theory provides adequate modeling of specific uncertainty phenomena. In this paper a new approach for modeling and processing of imprecise data by means of non-convex fuzzy variables is presented. For numerical processing an enhanced discretization of non-convex fuzzy variables is introduced. Furthermore fuzzy structural analysis is enhanced in order to be applicable to non-convex fuzzy variables. Fuzzy structural analysis under consideration of non-convex fuzzy variables is demonstrated by way of a two bay steel structure.


Imprecise data Non-convex fuzzy variables Discretization Fuzzy structural analysis