Adaptive Multi-topology IGP Based Traffic Engineering with Near-Optimal Network Performance


In this paper we present an intelligent multi-topology IGP (MT-IGP) based intra-domain traffic engineering (TE) scheme that is able to handle unexpected traffic fluctuations with near-optimal network performance. First of all, the network is dimensioned through offline link weight optimization using Multi-Topology IGPs for achieving maximum path diversity across multiple routing topologies. Based on this optimized MT-IGP configuration, an adaptive traffic engineering algorithm performs dynamic traffic splitting adjustment for balancing the load across multiple routing topologies in reaction to the monitored traffic dynamics. Such an approach is able to efficiently minimize the occurrence of network congestion without the necessity of frequently changing IGP link weights that may cause transient forwarding loops and routing instability. Our experiments based on real network topologies and traffic matrices show that our approach has a high chance of achieving near-optimal network performance with only a small number of routing topologies.