Object-Oriented Technology. ECOOP 2007 Workshop Reader

Volume 4906 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 13-26

Multiparadigm Programming in Object-Oriented Languages: Current Research

Report on the Workshop MPOOL’07 at ECOOP 2007
  • Kei DavisAffiliated withLos Alamos National Laboratory
  • , Jörg StriegnitzAffiliated withUniversity Of Applied Sciences Regensburg

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While OO has become ubiquitously employed for design, implementation, and even conceptualization, many practitioners recognize the concomitant need for other programming paradigms according to problem domain. Nevertheless, the choice of a programming paradigm is strongly influenced by the supporting programming language facilities. In turn, choice of programming language is usually highly constrained by practical considerations. We seek answers to the question of how to address the need for other programming paradigms, or even domain specific languages, in the general context of OO languages.

It is clear that this field is yet nascent: novel, disparate approaches and techniques are still being discovered or invented, and this very novelty adds a significant element of intellectual entertainment. This article describes the cross section of research efforts reported at the workshop on Multiparadigm Programming in Object-Oriented Languages held at the 2007 European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming.


Object-oriented multiparadigm programming