Recent Additions on the Application Programming Interface of the TMO Support Middleware

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Developing distributed real-time systems with high degrees of assurance on the system reliability is becoming increasingly important, yet remains difficult and error-prone. The Time-triggered Message-triggered Object (TMO) scheme is a high-level distributed object-oriented programming approach that has proved to be effective in developing such systems. The TMO programming scheme allows real-time application developers to explicitly specify temporal constraints in terms of global time in simple and natural forms. TMOSM is a middleware model that provides the execution support mechanisms for TMOs and TMOSL is a C++ class library that provides a convenient application programming interface (API) for developing TMO applications. The TMO scheme, TMOSM, and TMOSL have evolved during these years in order to support complex distributed real-time applications more effectively. This paper presents some recent additions on the TMOSM API that resulted from this evolution.