New Formulae for Efficient Elliptic Curve Arithmetic

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This paper is on efficient implementation techniques of Elliptic Curve Cryptography. In particular, we improve timings for Jacobi-quartic (3M+4S) and Hessian (7M+1S or 3M+6S) doubling operations. We provide a faster mixed-addition (7M+3S+1d) on modified Jacobi-quartic coordinates. We introduce tripling formulae for Jacobi-quartic (4M+11S+2d), Jacobi-intersection (4M+10S+5d or 7M+7S+3d), Edwards (9M+4S) and Hessian (8M+6S+1d) forms. We show that Hessian tripling costs 6M+4C+1d for Hessian curves defined over a field of characteristic 3. We discuss an alternative way of choosing the base point in successive squaring based scalar multiplication algorithms. Using this technique, we improve the latest mixed-addition formulae for Jacobi-intersection (10M+2S+1d), Hessian (5M+6S) and Edwards (9M+1S+ 1d+4a) forms. We discuss the significance of these optimizations for elliptic curve cryptography.