A GPU-Based Algorithm for Building Stochastic Clustered-Dot Screens

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In industrial pattern reproduction, clustered-dot screens are usually created to transform continuous tone image into halftone image for batch printing. But the algorithms generating clustered-dot screens are usually difficult to process large image because they are very slowly and need lot of memory. In addition, the generated halftone image often have periodic patterns, leading to poor tone reproduction. In this paper, a GPU-based algorithm for building stochastic clustered-dot screens is proposed. In the algorithm, after stochastically laying screen dot centers within a large dither matrix, Voronoi diagram is constructed to obtain the region of each screen dot, which is implemented with GPU. Then, each screen dot’s region is filled to get the stochastic clustered-dot screens, where a better gray density filling method that can be implemented easily on GPU is used. Experiments show the method can generate screens faster and with less memory than traditional algorithms. Moreover, in a halftone image generated by our method, the details and highlight part can be better expressed.