Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 4825, 2007, pp 310-323

Conjunctive Queries for a Tractable Fragment of OWL 1.1

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Despite the success of the Web Ontology Language OWL, the development of expressive means for querying OWL knowledge bases is still an open issue. In this paper, we investigate how a very natural and desirable form of queries—namely conjunctive ones—can be used in conjunction with OWL such that one of the major design criteria of the latter—namely decidability—can be retained. More precisely, we show that querying the tractable fragment \(\mathcal{EL}^{\mathord{+}\mathord{+}}\) of OWL 1.1 is decidable. We also provide a complexity analysis and show that querying unrestricted \(\mathcal{EL}^{\mathord{+}\mathord{+}}\) is undecidable.