Proceedings of ISES World Congress 2007 (Vol. I – Vol. V)

pp 2979-2983

School Development and Education for Sustainable Development

  • Liza CentroneAffiliated withUniversity of Bressanone

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OECD (2003) has developed a set of six scenarios for schooling in the future up to 2020. They have been clustered into three main categories: Scenarios 1a and 1b “Attempting to Maintain the Status Quo”, 2a and 2b “Re-schooling”, and 3a and 3b “De-schooling”. The scenarios describe in a somewhat “pure form” how schooling in general might take place in about fifteen years. In reality, of course, one would expect complex mixes to emerge between these different possible futures, rather than one or the other. By sharpening the alternatives, however, they provide an opportunity to think about what we want and do not want, and how probable the more or less desired choices are in terms of on-going trends and policies.