Creating New Learning Experiences on a Global Scale

Volume 4753 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 202-216

Improving the Search for Learning Objects with Keywords and Ontologies

  • Lothar LemnitzerAffiliated withSeminar für Sprachwissenchaft, Universität Tübingen
  • , Cristina VertanAffiliated withNatural Language Systems Divison, Institute or Informatics, University Hamburg
  • , Alex KillingAffiliated withCenter for Security Studies, ETH Zürich
  • , Kiril SimovAffiliated withLML, IPP, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia
  • , Diane EvansAffiliated withThe Open University, Milton Keynes
  • , Dan CristeaAffiliated withUniversity of Iasi
  • , Paola MonachesiAffiliated withUtrecht University, Uil-OTS, Utrecht

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We report on an ongoing project which aims at improving the effectiveness of retrieval and accessibility of learning object within learning management systems and learning object repositories. The project Language Technology for eLearning approaches this task by providing Language Technology based functionalities and by integrating semantic knowledge through domain-specific ontologies. We will report about the development of a keyword extractor and a domain-specific ontology, the integration of these modules into the learning management system ILIAS and the validation of these tools which assesses their added value in the scenario of searching learning objects across different languages.


learning object metadata keyword extraction ontology multilinguality