Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries

Volume 4675 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 124-135

Automatic Identification of Music Works Through Audio Matching

  • Riccardo MiottoAffiliated withDepartment of Information Engineering, University of Padua
  • , Nicola OrioAffiliated withDepartment of Information Engineering, University of Padua

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The availability of large music repositories poses challenging research problems, which are also related to the identification of different performances of music scores. This paper presents a methodology for music identification based on hidden Markov models. In particular, a statistical model of the possible performances of a given score is built from the recording of a single performance. To this end, the audio recording undergoes a segmentation process, followed by the extraction of the most relevant features of each segment. The model is built associating a state for each segment and by modeling its emissions according to the computed features. The approach has been tested with a collection of orchestral music, showing good results in the identification and tagging of acoustic performances.