A Development of Graphical Interface for Decision Making Process Including Real-Time Consistency Evaluation

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Decision making problems are often imprecise and changeable because of potential inconsistency in human thinking. Although AHP gives a desirable guide to the reasonable solution via consistency ratio, there is still possibility of containing inconsistence during process. Therefore, an important step in many applications of decision making problems is to perform a consistency analysis in real-time. We introduce a new method of priority setting in decision making processes, which is implemented as an interactive and convenient graphical interface of the decision making problem. It is designed to support the real-time consistency evaluation. The conventional AHP does not provide graphical user interface and is impossible to monitor the interim findings in the middle of process, and is difficult to predict the difference of results when changing pair-wise comparison conditions, and is difficult to monitor the consistency of human judgment during operation. The proposed real-time calculation algorithm and visualization method is developed to realize effective and reliable decision making environment, and is verified its merit through the exemplary case. In addition, we propose new algorithm of evaluating consistency level. The rationality tension is proposed as a new index for evaluating a real-time consistency analysis with interactive graphical user interface. It is desirable for a system to provide fast and visible information of consistency in decision making processes.