Execution of Aspect Oriented UML Models

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The creation of precise, complete, platform independent models, whose implementation code can be fully generated for different target platforms, is often considered a key factor in Model-Driven Architecture (MDA). The execution of UML models is already a reality, mainly due to the adoption of the Action Semantics. However, UML and its action language are object-oriented based and certain concerns, called crosscutting concerns (e.g., encryption), can not be adequately encapsulated in single design modules. Such concerns result in scattered and tangled representations, which hinder system development, maintenance and evolution as well as the reusability of individual design modules. Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD) has proven in recent years to be a useful technology for alleviating these shortcomings of object-orientation. This paper presents an extension to current Executable UML practice for the construction and execution of Aspect-Oriented UML models.

This work has been supported by MCYT Project TIN2005-09405-C02-01 and EC Grants IST-2-004349-NOE and the AMPLE IST-033710.