Plant-produced Microbial Vaccines

Volume 332 of the series Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology pp 13-31

Display of Peptides on the Surface of Tobacco Mosaic Virus Particles

  • M. L. SmithAffiliated withLarge Scale Biology Corporation
  • , W. P. FitzmauriceAffiliated withLarge Scale Biology Corporation
  • , T. H. TurpenAffiliated withTechnology Innovation Group, Inc.
  • , K. E. PalmerAffiliated withOwensboro Cancer Research Program, University of Louisville

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In this review, we focus on the potential that tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) has as a carrier for immunogenic epitopes, and the factors that must be considered in order to bring products based on this platform to the market. Large Scale Biology Corporation developed facile and scaleable methods for manufacture of candidate peptide display vaccines based on TMV. We describe how rational design of peptide vaccines can improve the manufacturability of particular TMV products. We also discuss downstream processing and purification of the vaccine products, with particular attention to the metrics that a product must attain in order to meet criteria for regulatory approval as injectable biologics.


tobacco mosaic virus vaccine plant virus-like particle papillomavirus