Computational Science – ICCS 2008

Volume 5101 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 337-346

Structural Testing for Semaphore-Based Multithread Programs

  • Felipe S. SarmanhoAffiliated withICMC, Universidade de São Paulo
  • , Paulo S. L. SouzaAffiliated withICMC, Universidade de São Paulo
  • , Simone R. S. SouzaAffiliated withICMC, Universidade de São Paulo
  • , Adenilso S. SimãoAffiliated withICMC, Universidade de São Paulo

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This paper presents structural testing criteria for validation of semaphore-based multithread programs exploring control, data, communication and synchronization information. A post-mortem method based on timestamps is defined to determine the implicit communication among threads using shared variables. The applicability of the coverage testing criteria is illustrated by a case study.


software testing multithread programs testing criteria