Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems

Volume 5067 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 157-175

Techniques for Improving Opportunistic Sensor Networking Performance

  • Shane B. EisenmanAffiliated withColumbia University
  • , Nicholas D. LaneAffiliated withDartmouth College
  • , Andrew T. CampbellAffiliated withDartmouth College

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A number of recently proposed mobile sensor network architectures rely on uncontrolled, or weakly-controlled mobility to achieve sensing coverage over time at low cost, an opportunistic sensor networking approach. However, this reliance on mobility also introduces a number of challenges. In this paper, we discuss the challenges inherent in this networking paradigm, and describe two composable techniques, sensor sharing and substitution, to make the system more robust in terms of data fidelity and delay. We present a numerical analysis of these techniques, separately and in combination, based on a simple Markov model of an opportunistic sensor network.


Architecture Mobility Modeling Performance Wireless Sensor Networks Opportunistic Networking