Haptics: Perception, Devices and Scenarios

Volume 5024 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 494-503

Extending Haptic Device Capability for 3D Virtual Grasping

  • Zoran NajdovskiAffiliated withIntelligent Systems Research Lab, Deakin University
  • , Saeid NahavandiAffiliated withIntelligent Systems Research Lab, Deakin University

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This paper presents an investigation into the workspace constraints observed through the use of multiple single point haptic interfaces, which lead to the design of a novel grasping device that improves upon current commercial haptic interfaces. The presented device is desktop based, and has been designed to maximise the haptic workspace while offering the ability to grasp and manipulate virtual objects, which is a function that current commercial interfaces are limited in providing. The performance of the commercial haptic interface in producing sustained effective operation and increased workspace with the attached haptic gripper is evaluated, and the improvement of both has been determined.


Haptic Interface virtual manipulation haptic gripper