Advances in Grid and Pervasive Computing

Volume 5036 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 187-198

Middleware Integration and Deployment Strategies for Cyberinfrastructures

  • Sebastien GoasguenAffiliated withClemson University
  • , Krishna MadhavanAffiliated withClemson University
  • , David WolinskyAffiliated withUniversity of Florida
  • , Renato FigueiredoAffiliated withUniversity of Florida
  • , Jaime FreyAffiliated withUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
  • , Alain RoyAffiliated withUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
  • , Paul RuthAffiliated withUniversity of Mississippi
  • , Dongyan XuAffiliated withPurdue University

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Virtual Organizations require infrastructure that meets their scientific needs. Traditionally, a VO can require access to computational backends that are suited for interactive applications, various levels of parallelism or highly distributed systems where users can contribute their own cycles. In this paper, we present a middleware integration and deployment strategy that builds a VO architecture which offers various computational tiers. The architecture offers interactive, real-time backends, batch operated small scale computational clusters, batch operated large scale remote supercomputers, and a wide area peer-to-peer network. All these middleware components are integrated into a cohesive system that accesses production resources and serves the nanotech-nology community. We also present a middleware integration that meets the educational needs of the VO by integrating a course management system into the VO’s portal.