Part II Localization and Phase Coherence in Disordered Media

Anderson Localization and Its Ramifications

Volume 630 of the series Lecture Notes in Physics pp 175-186


Phonons and Phononic Gaps in Continuous Inhomogeneous Media

  • E.N. EconomouAffiliated withResearch Centre of Crete, FORTH, Heraclion, Crete
  • , R.S. PenciuAffiliated withResearch Centre of Crete, FORTH, Heraclion, Crete

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Sound wave propagation in continuous inhomogeneous media plays an important role in various physical phenomena (e.g. earthquakes [1]) as well as in technological applications (such as oil exploration [2], non-destructive evaluation [3], ultrasound in medicine [4], underwater acoustics [5], etc). The relatively large number of material parameters (mass density, ρ, and velocities of the longitudinal, c 1, and transverse, c t, components of the sound wave) and the full vector character of the wave give a rich physics.