A Nonarchimedian Discretization for Timed Languages

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We give a new discretization of behaviors of timed automata. In this discretization, timed languages are represented as sets of words containing action symbols, a clock tick symbol 1, and two delay symbols δ (negative delay) and δ  +  (positive delay). Unlike the region construction, our discretization commutes with intersection. We show that discretizations of timed automata are, in general, context-sensitive languages over Σ ∪ {1,δ  + ,δ , and give a class of automata that equals the class of languages that are discretizations of timed automata, and show that their emptiness problem is decidable.

This work has been partially supported by the Action Spécifique STIC-CNRS no. 93 “Automates Distribués et Temporisés”