Recent Advances in Parallel Virtual Machine and Message Passing Interface

Volume 2840 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 188-195

Non-strict Evaluation of the FFT Algorithm in Distributed Memory Systems

  • Alfredo Cristóbal-SalasAffiliated withSchool of Chemistry Sciences and Engineering, University of Baja California
  • , Andrei TchernykhAffiliated withComputer Science Department, CICESE Research Center
  • , Jean-Luc GaudiotAffiliated withElectrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California

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This paper focuses on the partial evaluation of local and remote memory accesses of distributed applications, not only to remove much of the excess overhead of message passing implementations, but also to reduce the number of messages, when some information about the input data set is known. The use of split- phase memory operations, the exploitation of spatial data locality, and non-strict information processing are described. Through a detailed performance analysis, we establish conditions under which the technique is beneficial. We show that by incorporating non-strict information processing to FFT MPI, a significant reduction of the number of messages can be archived, and the overall system performance can be improved.