Intuitive Human Interfaces for Organizing and Accessing Intellectual Assets

Volume 3359 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 99-107

The Biotope Issue in Meme Media Implementations

  • Klaus P. JantkeAffiliated withDeutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz

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The concepts of memetics and the development of meme media implementations have set the stage for knowledge media evolution by which externalized human knowledge is becoming subject to a process of growth which can be boosted by technological means.

Computers acting in computer networks in co-operation with humans will constitute interactive knowledge media – another goal of Artificial Intelligence.

The key question is whether or not we will be able to establish proper meme pools in which memetic evolution finds an opportunity to take place. And if so, it is the question what conditions we have to provide for a dynamic evolution of meme media based knowledge. This is the biotope issue.

Properly dealing with the biotope issue is essential for a future development of meme media going beyond the limits of conventional software technologies. Thus, the biotope issue is not only just a philosophical or methodological foundation of meme media development, but a core problem which is frequently underestimated.

The aim of the present publication is to make the biotope issue seen in its right perspective – for the benefit of memetics and meme media development as a whole.