Information Networking. Convergence in Broadband and Mobile Networking

Volume 3391 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 499-509

SDSR: A Scalable Data Storage and Retrieval Service for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

  • Yingjie LiAffiliated withComputer Science & Engineering Department, The Ohio State University
  • , Ming-Tsan LiuAffiliated withComputer Science & Engineering Department, The Ohio State University

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We present the framework of SDSR, a Scalable, efficient, robust and load-balanced Data Storage/Retrieval service for large scale wireless ad hoc networks. SDSR hashes each data key to normalized geographical coordinates (x,y), which can be seen as a rendezvous point for storing/retrieving the data in a unit grid. SDSR achieves scalability, robustness and load-balancing by partitioning the network into hierarchical grids of increasing sizes and replicating the data item into each grid. The storage location in each grid is determined by scaling the normalized coordinates to the corresponding grid size. SDSR retrieves a data item in the same way as it stores the data item. We show that in query dominant, large scale wireless ad hoc networks, SDSR performs better than existing schemes in terms of energy efficiency, query latency, hotspot usage, and resilience to clustering failures. It scales well when the network size and the number of queries increase.