Morphological Analyzer for Manipuri: Design and Implementation

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This paper presents the design of a morphological analyzer for Manipuri language. This language falls under agglutinating and Subject-Object-Verb (SOV) type. The morphological analysis determines the syntactic properties of Manipuri words and it comprises of the following three major functions: Morphographemics, Morphotactics and Feature Combination. We propose a model to treat orthographic variations, sequential and non-sequential morphotactic constrains and combination of morphosyntactic features. The morphological processing is based on the grammatical rules and the dictionaries: root and affix dictionary. A model tagger is used to tag the analyzed word. The tagger tags the lexical category of the root and the grammatical category of the affixes. We show the design and implementation of the full morphosyntactic analysis procedure for words in unrestricted Manipuri text.