Advanced Distributed Systems

Volume 3061 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 19-30

VIBES: Bringing Autonomy to Virtual Characters

  • Stéphane SanchezAffiliated withUT1/IRIT, Allées de BrienneVirtual Reality Department, C-S
  • , Hervé LugaAffiliated withUT1/IRIT, Allées de Brienne
  • , Yves DuthenAffiliated withUT1/IRIT, Allées de Brienne
  • , Olivier BaletAffiliated withVirtual Reality Department, C-S

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This paper presents VIBES (Virtual Behaviours), a behavioural animation system for generic humanoid characters within dynamic virtual worlds. This system is based on stand-alone hierarchical behavioural modules. Each module performs a given task according to the perception of the virtual agent it belongs to. The main originality of VIBES is to combine Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life techniques in order to obtain real-time reactions and adaptive behaviours. VIBES is a module of the V-Man character animation system developed in the frame of the V-Man project supported by the European Commission in the frame of the 5th framework program.