Component-Based Software Engineering

Volume 3054 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 264-271

Computational Quality of Service for Scientific Components

  • Boyana NorrisAffiliated withArgonne National Laboratory
  • , Jaideep RayAffiliated withSandia National Laboratories
  • , Rob ArmstrongAffiliated withSandia National Laboratories
  • , Lois C. McInnesAffiliated withArgonne National Laboratory
  • , David E. BernholdtAffiliated withOak Ridge National Laboratory
  • , Wael R. ElwasifAffiliated withOak Ridge National Laboratory
  • , Allen D. MalonyAffiliated withUniversity of Oregon
  • , Sameer ShendeAffiliated withUniversity of Oregon

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Scientific computing on massively parallel computers presents unique challenges to component-based software engineering (CBSE). While CBSE is at least as enabling for scientific computing as it is for other arenas, the requirements are different. We briefly discuss how these requirements shape the Common Component Architecture, and we describe some recent research on quality-of-service issues to address the computational performance and accuracy of scientific simulations.