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Providing Grid users with a widely accessible, homogeneous and easy-to-use graphical interface is the foremost aim of Grid-portal development. These portals if designed and implemented in a proper and user-friendly way, might fuel the dissemination of Grid-technologies, hereby promoting the shift of Grid-usage from research into real life, industrial application, which is to happen in the foreseeable future, hopefully. This paper highlights the key issues in Grid-portal development and introduces P-GRADE Portal being developed at MTA SZTAKI. The portal allows users to manage the whole life-cycle of executing a parallel application in the Grid: editing workflows, submitting jobs relying on Grid-credentials and analyzing the monitored trace-data by means of visualization.

The work presented in this paper was partially supported by the following grants: EU-GridLab IST-2001-32133, Hungarian SuperGrid (IKTA4-075), IHM 4671/1/2003, and Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA) No. T042459 projects.