Computational Science - ICCS 2004

Volume 3038 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 464-471

MPI Application Development Using the Analysis Tool MARMOT

  • Bettina KrammerAffiliated withHigh Performance Computing Center Stuttgart
  • , Matthias S. MüllerAffiliated withHigh Performance Computing Center Stuttgart
  • , Michael M. ReschAffiliated withHigh Performance Computing Center Stuttgart

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The Message Passing Interface (MPI) is widely used to write parallel programs using message passing. Due to the complexity of parallel programming there is a need for tools supporting the development process. There are many situations where incorrect usage of MPI by the application programmer can automatically be detected. Examples are the introduction of irreproducibility, deadlocks and incorrect management of resources like communicators, groups, datatypes and operators. We also describe the tool MARMOT that implements some of these tests. Finally we describe our experiences with three applications of the CrossGrid project regarding the usability and performance of this tool.