Selected Areas in Cryptography

Volume 3006 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 17-25

On the Selection of Pairing-Friendly Groups

  • Paulo S. L. M. BarretoAffiliated withEscola Politécnica, Universidade de São Paulo
  • , Ben LynnAffiliated withComputer Science Department, Stanford University
  • , Michael ScottAffiliated withSchool of Computer Applications, Dublin City University Ballymun

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We propose a simple algorithm to select group generators suitable for pairing-based cryptosystems. The selected parameters are shown to favor implementations of the Tate pairing that are at once conceptually simple and efficient, with an observed performance about 2 to 10 times better than previously reported implementations, depending on the embedding degree. Our algorithm has beneficial side effects: various non-pairing operations become faster, and bandwidth may be saved.


pairing-based cryptosystems group generators elliptic curves Tate pairing