The Politics of Water Institutional Reform in Neopatrimonial States

pp 151-184

Water Institutional Reforms in Tajikistan

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This chapter presents the case study on Tajikistan. Its structure is similar to the one on Kyrgyzstan: First, the key political actors in water governance will be described (7.1). Then an overview of the perceptions of the problem will be given and the general policy objectives presented (7.2). The subsequent subchapters deal with the various reforms: the formulation of a policy (7.3.1), the reform of the general legal framework (7.3.2), the introduction of irrigation service fees (7.3.3), and the transfer of irrigation management (7.3.4). In the following discussion of the water institutional reforms, the influence of the neopatrimonial institutional context on the above-mentioned processes and outcomes will be analyzed (chapter 7.4). The final subchapter will summarize the findings of the case study (ch. 7.3.5).