Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Volume 8474 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 84-93

The Affective Meta-Tutoring Project: Lessons Learned

  • Kurt VanLehnAffiliated withArizona State University
  • , Winslow BurlesonAffiliated withArizona State University
  • , Sylvie GirardAffiliated withUniversity of Birmingham
  • , Maria Elena Chavez-EcheagarayAffiliated withArizona State University
  • , Javier Gonzalez-SanchezAffiliated withArizona State University
  • , Yoalli Hidalgo-PontetAffiliated withArizona State University
  • , Lishan ZhangAffiliated withArizona State University

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The Affective Meta-Tutoring system is comprised of (1) a tutor that teaches system dynamics modeling, (2) a meta-tutor that teaches good strategies for learning how to model from the tutor, and (3) an affective learning companion that encourages students to use the learning strategy that the meta-tutor teaches. The affective learning companion’s messages are selected by using physiological sensors and log data to determine the student’s affective state. Evaluations compared the learning gains of three conditions: the tutor alone, the tutor plus meta-tutor and the tutor, meta-tutor and affective learning companion.


Tutoring meta-tutoring learning strategies affective learning companion affective physiological sensors