Impact of selenium, iron, copper and zinc in on/off Parkinson’s patients on L-dopa therapy

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We have quantitated CSF and serum levels of Selenium, iron, copper and zinc by Atomic absorption spectrophotometer in 36 patients with parkinson’s disease all on L-dopa therapy. Out of these 19 showed on or positive response to L-dopa where as 21 patients showed on and off response. These data were compared with 21 healthy controls. The results showed that serum levels of iron, copper and zinc remained unchanged where as in CSF, significant decrease in zinc was found in both on and on/off PD patients indicating the deficiency of zinc which continues in the worsening clinical condition of off patients. The level of copper remained unchanged in both on and on/off PD patients. Iron and selenium increase in CSF of both patients which is a clear evidence of relationship between increased iron and selenium level in brain which could be correlated with decrease in dopamine levels and oxidative stress in PD Patients.