Metallothionein II

Volume 52 of the series Experientia Supplementum pp 351-358

Metallothionein-Determination in Biological Materials: Interlaboratory Comparison of 5 Current Methods

  • H. H. DieterAffiliated withInstitut für Toxikologie
  • , L. MüllerAffiliated withInstitut für Toxikologie
  • , J. AbellAffiliated withInstitute of Environmental Hygiene
  • , K. H. SummerAffiliated withInstitute of Toxicology and Biochemistry, GSF Research Center

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Five current methods of metallothionein (MT)-estimation in biological materials (Hg/TCA-, Cd/heme-, SH-assay, G 75-method and RIA) were compared. Uniform calibration was ensured by measuring the nitrogen-content of the standard-apoprotein after “Kjeldahl-digestion”. Known amounts of rabbit standard Cd-MT I were recovered from identical rat S9-samples. In an overall rating, RIA and Cd/heme-assay performed best, whereas the other methods either underestimated (SH-, G 75) or overestimated (Hg/TCA) the 100%-expectation.