2008, pp 563-569

Ball and Racket Movements Recorded at the 2006 Wimbledon Qualifying Tournament (P109)

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This paper contains the recorded shot movements of 13 players in practice conditions at the Wimbledon 2006 Qualifying Tournament. A 2-camera 3D system was used to track the racket and ball for a period of 0.02 seconds for each recorded shot. Custom-written analysis software was used to extract the required co-ordinates from the ball and racket positions and transform them into 3D. From this information the following things were obtained; ball velocity before and after impact; racket linear and angular velocity before impact; ball spin and impact position. It was found that although ball velocity was very similar for all players before impact, male players were able to generate higher ball velocities after impact. This was found to be due to a higher racket COM velocity. Impact position and angular velocities were very similar for both sexes.