Influence of Electron Beam Local Annealing on the Residual Stresses for the joints with Electron Beam Welding of near α titanium alloy

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To reduce the negative influence of residual welding stresses in aeronautical products, electron beam(EB) local annealing after electron beam welding(EBW) was studied for near α titanium alloy of Ti-Al-Sn-Zr. The appearance of the welded joints was observed, and the residual welding stresses for EBW and EB local annealing were measured by the drilling-hole method. The results showed that the gradient of the longitudinal residual stresses lowered along the central line of vertical welds after EB local annealing, and the peak stresses lowered 40% more than those of as-welded; transverse residual stresses changed a little. Along the welds, the longitudinal stresses were also decreased after EB local annealing, and the equilibrium region of the residual stresses was located in the centre of the plate.