Sorption Refrigeration Systems

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The knowledge of the basic principles of thermodynamics allows us to understand the conditions and necessary limitations in order to transform heat in work, transferring heat from a thermal source of high temperature to a smaller one. Thermal machines work under this principle, however, there are machines that consume work (external) and produce heat, that is to say in the inverse sense of a thermal machine operation according to the cycle of Carnot, this it is the case of a refrigerating machine. A particular case is refrigeration cycles based on the sorption process, which operate with thermal energy and consume their own work that they self-produce, this being the coupling among a thermal machine and a refrigeration machine. There are great variety of sorption refrigeration systems, in general those of absorption and adsorption cycles.

In this chapter, the introduction of the sorption theory, its applications to refrigeration thermodynamic cycles, and its efficiencies are presented and analyzed, as well as the different possibilities of work fluids for diverse applications, showing different examples of refrigeration cycles.