New Technologies in Urology

Volume 7 of the series New Techniques in Surgery Series pp 49-56

Emerging Robotics

  • Ben Challacombe
  • , Kaspar Althoefer
  • , Dan Stoianovici

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We live in exciting times and the pace of change in medical and surgical technology has never been more rapid. Gordon Moore’s 1965 law stated that the power (memory) of computers would double every 18 months.1 Almost every measure of the capabilities of digital electronic devices remains linked to Moore’s law: processing speed, memory capacity, and even the number and size of pixels in digital cameras. This law continues to be true today in the field of surgical robotics. What have changed while technology continues to expand are the demands and expectations of our increasingly well-informed, demanding, and internet-literate patients. Patients want the best for themselves and their families and market forces themselves are driving expansion and development in many instances.