1997, pp 239-246

Acaricide Residues in Beeswax and Honey

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The acaricides Folbex VA (active ingredient, a.i. bromopropylate), Perizin (coumaphos), Apistan (fluvalinate) and Bayvarol (flumethrine) are used in Switzerland for varroa control in autumn, after the bee season. These acaricides are in world-wide use and there are many reports, dealing with their residues in honey and beeswax (1–8). The varroacides are non-polar and contaminate mostly the beeswax. Most investigators have not examined their long term effects on the quality of honey and beeswax. As varroacides are used for a long term varroa control, it is important to study their level in honey and beeswax after repeated use.