Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Volume 38, 1992, pp 247-254

Effects of Fabric Type, Specimen Size, and Irradiation Atmosphere on the Radiation Resistance of Polymer Composites at 77 K

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The radiation resistance of polymer matrix composites to the mechanical strength changes at 77 K was studied with respect to factors such as reinforcing fabric type, specimen thickness, and irradiation atmosphere. As far as the E-glass and T-glass fabric composites are concerned, the radiation resistance is almost independent of these factors, in agreement with a degradation mechanism such that the composite degradation behavior is primarily determined by a change in the matrix ultimate strain due to irradiation. The radiation-resistance evaluation was made also for the bond strength of polymer matrix composites to stainless steel at 77 K. The radiation sensitivity of the bond strength appears to depend primarily on the load transfer mode at the composite/steel interface.