Global Estimates Of Acute Pesticide Morbidity And Mortality

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Mathematical models have been used to advance at least eight global estimates of morbidity and mortality from pesticide poisoning since 1973 (Bull 1982; Copplestone 1977; Forget 1991; Jeyaratnam 1985, 1990; Levine 1986; WHO 1973; WHO/UNEP 1990). These estimates have been prompted, in part, by the need to formulate public health policy based on the best available information, though sparse. In addition to mathematical models, there has been a steady stream of epidemiologic outbreak investigations. Between 1951 and 1990, there were at least 148 such reports in the literature. Cumulatively, the outbreak investigations provide a unique perspective on global pesticide morbidity and mortality, in terms of both descriptions of impact and underlying mechanisms. This review focuses on these two approaches to understanding the epidemiology of worldwide pesticide morbidity and mortality and discusses their usefulness in minimizing human exposure to pesticides.